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Dentistry has evolved into an integrated Clinical Science due to the changing trends in oral health care. It now comprises of a number of independent clinical branches, namely:

Prosthodontics: Replacement of teeth and associated structures using crowns [caps], bridges and dentures.
Orthodontics: Prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities, the most common being the correction of misaligned or crooked teeth using braces.
Periodontics: Treatment of problems related to gums and bone surrounding teeth.
Endodontics: Treatment of injured or diseased teeth obviating extraction, root canal treatment being the best-known example in this field.
Pedodontics: Treatment of dental diseases related to children.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Removal of infected or diseased teeth and the correction of defects related to the orofacial region.
Cosmetic Dentistry: A beautiful smile is the most effective means by which people convey their emotions. Because of the many advances in dentistry, patients no longer have to settle for strained, chipped or misalaligned teeth. The most common procedures in COSMETIC dentistry are Enamel Shaping, Bleaching, Bonding and Application of Porcelain Veneers.
Maxillofacial Prosthetics [Oro-Facial]: Rehabilitation of patients with oral and facial defects
Cancer is a devastating disease, both to the patients and the family. Maxillofacial Prosthetics is that branch of Dentistry which deals with the rehabilitation of Oral, Cancer and Trauma patients using prostheses, example- upper or lower jaws, ears, eyes, nose etc.
Implant ology: An alternative method for tooth replacement. Loosing teeth is a very traumatic experience, involving aesthetic and functional inadequacies, which need to be addressed. There are several options available for replacement of the missing teeth, the latest being use of dental implants. The procedure involves inserting Titanium screws into the upper or lower jaws onto which Crown or Dentures are fixed.
Comprehensive Dental Treatment:
A group of well-qualified and trained dental specialists provide comprehensive oral health care encompassing all sub specialties in dentistry. The services are offered in most sterile conditions by adopting appropriate infection control technique, using disposable gloves and syringes and every instrument is subjected to sterilization by autoclaving. Our goal is to provide the best dental experience and ensure the patient’s safety, comfort and satisfaction.
CLEFT LIP AND PALATE patients have frequent dental problems in the form of cavies, misdirected teeth and displaced arches. In conjunction with the full-fledged Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department, comprehensive treatment to cleft lip and palate patients is being done routinely.

Patients with Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and other ailments but requiring dental treatment will find an added advantage in our Dental set up-all under one roof
Facial Aesthetic Unit: Along with cosmetic surgery department, we aim to provide complete facial aesthetic care in the form of soft tissue and dental care to enhance the overall appeal of the face, providing comprehensive facial aesthetic care under one roof.
Dr.Pradeep Chandra Shetty, BDS. MDS. Orthodontics
Dr.Indu Shetty, BDS. MDS. Conservative Dentistry&Endo Dontics
Dr.Ravichandra.R.Habballi, BDS. MDS. Oral&Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Prabhuji.M.L.V. BDS. MDS Periodontics
Dr.Vishwanath. BDS.MDS. Prosthodontics
Dr.Jayakar Shetty, BDS.MDS. Prosthodontics
Dr.Sunil, BDS.MDS. Periodontics
Dr.P.V.S.Rao, BDS.MDS. Orthodontics
Dr.K.G.Gorpade, BDS.MDS. Oral & Maxofacial Surgery.
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