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Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department
The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology was started at the inauguration of the hospital in July 1991. Since then it has provided remarkable service towards women’s health care.

The Bangalore Hospital, being a tertiary care hospital, many complicated and critical obstetric and gynaec cases are referred from smaller units for further management. Our outpatient services cover a wide spectrum of women’s health problems with very efficient multidisciplinary input.

Obstetric Services: - These include pre-pregnancy counseling, antenatal care for both low risk and high risk (Pregnancy complicated with diabetes, hypertension, cardiac problems etc) group of patients. Investigations like ultrasound scan along with Doppler studies are done to monitor fetal wellbeing as and when required by efficient sonologists at the hospital itself. There is also good support from the laboratory, physiotherapy, Nutrition, diabetology, nephrology and cardiology units.

Painless labour by means of epidural analgesia is offered routinely to the laboring woman. Continuous electronic fetal heart rate monitoring (CTG) is available to watch the baby’s condition during delivery. Postgraduate trained resident obstetricians monitor the condition of mother and child round the clock, under guidance of senior consultants.

Emergency and elective caesareans are performed as and when indicated. Babies are seen by Pediatrician at birth. Premature, very low birth weight and very sick babies are monitored in NICU.
Dr.Leela Bhagavan
Dr.Srimani Rajagopalan
GYNECOLOGY: - Our consultant gynecologists provide medical as well as surgical management of all types of gynecological problems viz menstrual abnormalities, prolapsed uterus, fibroids, tumors of ovaries etc. Minimal access surgeries, i.e vaginal surgeries, gynecological laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries are regularly performed. Mirena coil (LNG IUS) and thermachoice (balloon endometrial ablation) are conservative treatment procedures wherein women with heavy periods don't have to undergo hysterectomy (removal of uterus).

PAP smear and Colposcopy to screen for Cancer Cervix (neck of womb) along with HPV vaccination is routinely done.

Vaginal hysterectomy (both for non-prolapsed and prolapsed uterus, fibroid uterus), vaginal vault prolapse repair, pelvic floor repair and sling operations are the special procedures done regularly.

Abdominal route of surgery is usually reserved for gynaec oncological cases.i.e, cancer of ovary, uterus etc.

Laparoscopy for tubal ligation, ectopic pregnancy management, ovarian cyst removal, endometriosis, adhesiolysis, ovarian drilling, and diagnostic Hystero- laparoscopy (as part of infertility workup), diagnostic hysteroscopy and minor surgeries like polypectomy, cryo cautery, D & C are all performed on a day care / short stay basis.

Experienced infertility specialists take care of childless couple.

As part of executive health check up, mammogram, bone density measurement, abdominal pelvic scan and a Pap smear complete the gynae workup. Menopausal women are given HRT.

Oncology cases are managed with help of gynaec oncologist, radiotherapy and medial oncology unit.

The hospital is providing training for gynecologists in advance vaginal gynaec surgeries Under the directorship of Dr. Srimani Rajagopalan
Future plans: DNB training in OBG is likely to start at the earliest.

Our consultant staff includes

Dr. Shanthi R Prabhu MS. DGO
Dr. Leela Baghavan LM, DGO (Ireland)
Dr. Srimani Rajagopalan MD, DGO.
Dr. Kumudini Ganguly DGO
Dr. Arun Ganguly MD
Dr.Gopika Rajesh MBBS, DCH, DNB (Gynaecology)

Department of Infertility

Dr.Arun.C.Ganguly is the Infertility Consultant in the department.

Services Provided:

Endocrine Profile
Genetic abnormality evaluation
Ultrasonic Follicular evaluation
Laproscopic surgery
Hystroscopic evaluation
Inhal corrective surgery
Mullerian defects- Corrective surgery
Male factor evaluation scrotal Doppler
Varicocole & other Surgery corrective

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