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Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services :

The department is headed by Dr.Jinka Subramanya, MBBS, MD, DABP and assisted by Dr.M.S.N.Prasad, MBBS, MD Pathology. The laboratory services include, haematology, blood bank, bio-chemistry, micro biology and histology started functioning from the inception of the hospital in 1991.

The significant features include round-the-clock-services for all investigations, a facility not available in many hospitals/nursing homes in the city.

The lab is equipped with automated analyzer, blood gas analyzer, Cell Counters etc, to back up critical care cases.

The availability of a cryostat is a boon for frozen section reporting - a procedure, which is accepted, round-the-clock by prior appointment.

The Department has a fabulous collection of library books in pathology and laboratory medicine, which helps us to keep abreast our knowledge in the vast field of this speciality.



A fully automated clinical biochemistry laboratory functions 24 hours on all days of the week with the aid of three analyzers. Investigations required in critical care like blood-gas analysis, serum ammonia and many other parameters are analyzed routinely for both patients of our hospital and for other hospitals. The ICU's & NICU's of our and neighboring hospitals make full use of this facility. Hormonal assays of thyroid and prostate specific antigen are done by ELISA method.
Serology / Micro biology :
Dr. Nalini Janakiram M.D (Microbiology) who heads the department has vast experience in the field of medical microbiology and serology. Her medical background is instrumental in her being able to analyze the cases from clinical point of view and ably support our clinicians in making therapeutic decisions. Well-trained and committed microbiology technicians support her. Apart from routine work, anaerobic cultures, fungal cultures and AFB cultures are also done. ELISA tests are run for detecting a number of infectious diseases. Our lab in renown for accurate detection of malaria parasites
Highly qualified pathologists Dr.M.S.N.Prasad provide referral services for histopathologic and cytological diagnosis. Special emphasis is on gastroenterology, pediatric surgery, oncology, gynaecology, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and urology as a large number of the cases are from these specialties.

Many onco surgeons, pediatric surgeons and gastroenterologists refer cases from all over Karnataka and neighboring states because a comprehensive study of gross specimen is given due importance along with microscopy, thus helping in accurate staging and typing of lesions. Many famous gynaecologists in south Bangalore rely on our laboratory for frozen section diagnosis.

Cytology, both fine needle aspiration (FNAC) and fluid cytology are backed up by cell block technique. The vast experience of Dr. M.S.N.Prasad in this field has meant that clinicians from Bangalore and many neighboring towns refer many cases for his expert opinion.
Hematology :
We are one of the few centers in Karnataka doing Jamshedi core biopsies of bone marrow along with aspiration. This translates into more accurate diagnosis of hematological disorders. The presence of fully automated cell counter with three part differential which is operational 24 X 7 is a blessing for not only our hospital but many surrounding health care facilities especially during outbreaks of Dengue fever.
Blood Bank :
The Bangalore Hospital is authorized by the drug controller, Government of Karnataka to run a blood bank in association with Rotary-TTK blood bank to store and dispense blood and its products for in-house use.
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