ICU Facilities
Our ICU is located on the 6th floor of the hospital with 14 beds capacity. Main ICU with ten beds and isolation ICU with four beds. It is an ultra modern set-up with all the facilities and well equipped with the latest models of new generation monitoring devices.


Advanced bedside monitoring system connected to central monitor, which has a capacity for 16 beds. The bedside monitoring system includes - ECG monitor (life scope 6 and 9) with all the para-meters like ECG, Pulse, Resp. Capnography, Pulse Oximetry, CVP, NIBP, Cranial pressure. PCWP, Arterial pressure
Bed side central oxygen, vacuum suction, compressed air supply
ECG machines, defibrillators, Pulse-oximeters, nebulisers, infusion pumps and syringe pumps, Boyle’s machine
Ventilators – 8-adult ventilators 2-paediatric ventilator (Bear-cub & Usha Drager)
Resuscitation unit with all the essential drugs and disposable
Transvenous Temporary Pacemaker sets and transducer sets
Air bubble beds, baby warmer, portable X-ray and ABG analysis machine



ICU is well equipped for all the invasive and non-invasive procedures including transvenous temporary pacing, arterial cannulation, central vein cannulation, venous cut-downs, peritoneal dialysis, CSF analysis, tracheostomies, pleural and peritoneal, tapping, intercostal drainage, bronchoscopy (fibre optic) Echo Cardiography and backed by efficient pathology laboratory.
If is a multi-disciplinary ICU where all the types of cases are admitted routinely. They commonly include RTA, Cardiac, Renal, Respiratory, Diabetics, Hepatic, Poisoning,Post Operative transplant and isolated infected cases as also epileptics and paediatric cases.
ICU is managed by Anaesthesiologists, Doctors, well-trained staff nurses, dieticians, physiotherapists who are present round the clock within the premises of ICU. Consultants of different specialties are available on call. Excellent patient – Staff interaction is unquestionable.
ICU is fumigated once in every three months or earlier depending upon the swab report. Visitors’ entry is restricted and good hygiene is maintained.With all these facilities, It is one of the best ICUs in this garden city. This ICU is fully equipped to cope with any eventuality.
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