Pulmonology Department (Respiratory Medicine)
Dr.Srigiri .S.Revadi MBBS, MD (PULMONOLOGY), D.T.C.D
The department is headed by DR.SRIGIRI S. REVADI; Allergic problems like Allergic Rhinitis and Bronchitis are attended to. Apart from routine medical treatment, the department offers -Allergy Tests - Skin Prick Tests. By identifying an offending allergen, the management of allergic patients become better. Some of them get lot of symptomatic relief by using immunotherapy as an adjunct to their regular treatment. Most of them are able to reduce their regular medication or even stop them. More than 200 Allergy tests are being conducted in this department in a year. The department is supported by well-equipped Pulmo Lab for conducting PFT.


Fiber optic Bronchoscope is Fiber optic Bronchoscope is helpful in sorting out lots of respiratory problems arising in ICU and in our routine out-patient and in-patient case. The number of indications is going up every day. More than 150 bronchoscopes are being done in this department in a year. Patient education is considered as the most important aspect of “Respiratory Management”. Apart from explaining and insisting on certain aspect of self management, we have brought out a book let on Bronchial Asthma, which is an essential guide for all asthmatics. Other booklets under way are “Common Respiratory Problems” and “Common Allergic Conditions”.

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