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The Department of Radio Diagnosis is headed by Dr.L.S Praveen MBBS, DMRD, DNB.

Dr.L.S Praveen
The Department is equipped with:
500 mA Wipro-GE unit for routine radiography with dark room fluoroscopy facilities
60 mA mobile X-Ray unit (portable)
C-Arm mobile image intensifier
Mammography Unit with photo timer facility
ATL Colour Doppler ultrasound unit with facilities for abdomino pelvic, obstetric and soft tissue ultra sonography
Siemens Spiral CT Scan
Portable Ultra Mark Ultra Sound unit
Bone densitometer  
Digital x-ray Imager  

The following Services are provided round the clock

RADIOGRAPHY: All routine radiological procedure including contrast studies is performed in the department. 500 MA X Ray unit and potable Xray unit are available in the department.
SPIRAL COMPUTERISED TOMOGRAPHY [SPIRAL CT]: CT has revolutionized diagnostic medicine. CT has to a great extent avoided surgery or invasive test, which was otherwise required to confirm many internal medical and surgical problems. The uniqueness of the system is in its utility as a diagnostic tool, which is noteworthy and remarkable. CT pictures or images show various cross-sectional views of the bones and soft tissue of various parts of the body from brain, head, thorax, abdomen etc, to whole body helping in detecting and diagnosing problems with precise accuracy.

Siemens Somatom Balance Spiral CT Scanner Installed in the Department has user friendly slimline Gantry design providing flexibility for intervention procedures incorporating latest application software like 3D and Angiography.The system delivers low dosage of radiation to the patient at the same time keeping the best image quality. Under the inbuilt programme called Combined Application to Reduce Exposure [CARE], significant advantage is low radiation and minimum contrast dosage. The CT works on a novel software called SYNGOSPEAKING, which provides comprehensive software solutions for all medical imaging and application tasks using window based user interface. The system dramatically reduces scanning time, with precise diagnosis at affordable cost to the patients.
ULTRASONOGRAPHY: The department is equipped with ATL HDI 1500 latest generation digital based broadbond wholebody multi purpose colour doppler ultrasound system, which performs all major and minor clinical applications with precise diagnosis. The utility of Colour Doppler in Peripheral Arterial and Venous Diseases, Mixed Arterial Venous Diseases, Neck vessels, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Kidneys including Transplant kidneys, Thyroid, Breast, Abdomen, TransVaginal and Rectal Sonography, Neurosonography, Echocardiography and ultrasound guided interventions especially intra operative procedure is immense. Many of the patients undergo routine abdominal ultrasonography as a baseline study and also during follow-up. Many ultrasounds guided FNAC is done to arrive quickly at diagnosis. Ultrasound has been help full in picking up congenital anomalies in fetuses. Multi frequency probe is of help in studying paediatric abdomen, thyroid, breast, testicles and other superficial structures.
MAMMOGRAPHY is a special X-ray exclusively used for breast tissue and is an ideal screening procedure in the detection of breast cancer even before it is palpable by the patient herself or by the examining Clinician. Policy of Breast Cancer Screening, as per American Cancer Society and National Cancer Institute, baseline Mammography is recommended at 35 to 40 years of age and thereafter once in every one to two years and after 50 years every year. It is being offered in our hospital to the following patients:
Screening Procedures for early detection of cancer
Patients with history of any breast illness
Follow up SHIMADZU MAMMOGRAPHY installed in the department is a versatile unit with features of Photo timer to reduce excess radiation and magnification of picture for close study.
C–ARM IMAGE INTENSIFIER: These are being extensively used in the radiology department for contrast procedures and by the Gastroenterologist for ERCP, Dilatation and Interventional procedures. It is also being used in the operation theatre for Orthopeadic and certain abdominal surgeries. Siemens SIREMOBIL 9”MOBILE C ARM IMAGE INTENSIFIER is equipped with powerful X-ray generator to meet even the most demanding clinical applications, challenging projections like lateral lumbers which require penetration of dense anatomy.
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