Other Facilities
Support facilities include:
Central supply of medical gases i.e, Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, compressed air and suction. This has ensured uninterrupted supply of gases and other necessities
A well-equipped central sterilization department which has two steam sterilizers, one ethylene oxide sterilizers, ultrasonic ethylene oxide sterilizers, Flash sterilizers, Ultrasonic cleaner and various other equipments required for providing sterile instruments and materials to the user departments. It is note-worthy that the hospital uses autoclaved instruments or linen and dressings. Disposable is used wherever necessary
An in-house Pharmacy
An in-house laundry
320 kva & 185 kva generators, provide power instantly if there is shut down for any reason
A cold storage facility is available in mortuary
Computer system in LAN environment for all the departments is available. A System Administrator is incharge of the department
Canteen to provide diet and food to the patients / patients' attendants and staff
Maintenance Department headed by a Mechanical Engineer, an Assistant Engineer qualified in Electronics and three electricians keep the support facilities functioning all the days






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