Medicine and Cardiology
GE MARQUET  : Computerized  Treadmill
Medeline : Computerized  Treadmill
BPL : Defi-2-Defibrillators with internal and external padles
Nellor : Oxypaul Pulse oximeters, Poet: Pulse oximeters and Indigenous: pulse oximeters
ATL : 1500 Colour Doppler
HP : Colour Doppler
Datoscope : IABP Machine-S98
Olympus : Bronchoscope
BPL : Defibrillators
BPL : ECG Machines / GE Marquette : ECG machine
B.Braun : Syringe pump & Infusion pump
BPL ECG Machines / GE Marquette ECG machine
Spiro meter
Olympus Vedeo Endoscopes Comprising
Gastro Intestinal Fibro scope
Nasopharyngo Laryngoscope and all accessories.
Motility & PH Recording Equipment
ERBE-VIO-200D diathermy with apc2(argon plasma coagulation)
I C U and C C U:
G.E.Datex : Monitors(Dash-4000,Dash-2000,Dinamap PRO-1000)
SIEMENS : ICU monitors
Nihon-Khoden : ICU Monitors-( Life Scope - 6, Life Scope - 9)
B.Braun : Infusion Pump & Syringe pumps, JMS : Infusion pumps, Syringe pumps
Arcomed : Infusion pumps
Nelcor : Pulse oximeter, Nihan Khoden : Pulse Oximeters, Dotex : Pulse Oximeters
Dragger : Ventilators/Adult ,Paediatric and neonatal
Siemens Ventilators
Bear cub : Paediatric Ventilator,Teledyne oxygen analyzer
CPU ventilators    
BPL : Defrribillators
GE + BPL : Multichannel  ECG Machine
Surgery/Operation Theatre
Shimadzu : Urological x-ray examination unit (Model : surgical C Arm II TV)
Siemens : Siremobile C Arm unit
Cuda : Fibreoptic head light kit and self-illuminating retractors
Stryker : Surgical instruments;
Pneumatic Drills,
Pneumatic Reamers,
Pneumatic Cutters,
Sternum saw,
Martin : Mobile operating lights
Martin : Diathermy machines
Wild-Leitz : Operating microscope for Eye, ENT, Neuro surgery and micro surgery
Frigitronica : Cryo surgical unit – CM73
Martin : Surgical special instruments
Indegenous Operating table, Make : CONFIDENT , HOSLAB, and Palakkad surgical
Karl-Storz : laparoscopic equipment (key hole surgery with 3 chip camera )
Nihon-Khoden : monitors, Siemens : Monitors
Siemens : Ventilators
Central 02, N20, Suction, Compressed air
EMS : Litho Clast
Datascope : IABP
Olympus : Bronchoscope
Karl Storz : PCNL Instruments set
Olympus : Urotoscope & Richard Wolf Uretero Rhynoscope
Dantac : Urodyne Uroflow meter
BPL : Defribillator
B.braun : Infusion pumps
J and J : Harmonic scalpel unit
Synthes : DHS  Instrument set
INOR : DHS belt
Synthes : Ao/syream reaming system
Stryker : TPS Formula shaver system
Stryker : Micro segittal  saw system
S AND N : ACI Instrument set
Nelcor : Oxyipal pulse oximeter
Ohmeda : Manley-Servo ventilators
Ohmeda : Ohio 7000 ventilators
Boc : Boyle's apparatus Mark III
Boc : Flutech Halothane vaporisers
Ohmeda : End-Tidal Co2 Ohmeda ventilators
B.Brannn : Dialog +Dialysis machine
Nipro : Dialysis machine
BPL : Monitors
NihanKoden : ENMG Machine
Recoders Medicare : 32 channel EEG Machine
ECT machine
Soundproof room
Nasopharyngo Laryngoscope
Operating Microscope
Spiro meter
Emergency & Casualty
Ambu kits
Mini pumps
Transport respirator
Pulse Oxymeter
ECG machines
Portable X-ray unit
Portable Ultra sound unit
Emergency Trolley
1. Corometrics foetal monitor
2. Pulse oxymeter
3. Video Endoscopes
4. Vaccum Extractor pump with silicone cups
Phaco Emulsifier
Kona slit lamp,
Haag striet universal slit lamp,
Trial sets etc.
Diode laser
Bio-technica : BT 2245 auto analyzer
Bayer : Express plus  Fully automatic Bio-chemistry analog
ERBA : Erba chem 5 semi auto analysers
Bio-technica : BT 512 densito meter
ERBA : Erma blood cell counter/platelet counter
ERBA : Sysmax k 1000 Hematology Analyser
Ciba-Corning : Blood gas analyzer and electrolyte analyzer
BAYER-248 Blood Gas Analyzer
BAYER -614 Electrolyte Analyzer
Sysmex : Ca- 50 Cogulation Analyser
Elico : pathology spectro photometer,
Flame photometer,
Yarco tissue processor,
Blood cell counter,
Micro slide cabinet,
Blood cabinet.
Vortex mixer,
Getner binocular microscopes.
Remi centrifuge.
Blood bank refrigerator.
RETC incubator.
Water bath.
Tissue flotation bath
Slide warmer
Bayer Fully Automated Chemistry Analyser
Microbiology Vertical Laminator
Micromat instrument for blood glucose vessel
Olympus Binacular Microscope
Elisa Washer
Elisa Reader
Plasma Expresser
Blood Collection Monitor
Tube sealer
Cryo Stat.
Remi : Centrifuges
GE : 500 mA x-ray machine
Shimadzu : Urological x-ray examination unit (mobile surgical C-Arm IITV]
Shimadzu : Mammography equipment
GE : 60 mA Portable x-ray machine
SIEMENS : 60 mA Portable X ray unit
ATL : Ultra mark-4 ultra sound system with probes
ATL : Color Doppler- 1500 with all probes
SIEMENS : Siremobile C Arm Image Intensifier
Siemens : Spiral CT San
IDS : Bone Densitometer
Kodak : CR 850 with DR + View –8900 Digital x-ray Imager
TOSHIBA : Famio – 8 ADV –Ultrasound system
Theratran 780 C cobalt 60 unit
Gamma radiography equipment
Brit cesium 137 manual after loading brachytherapy kits
Water Phantom
Short-wave dia-thermy,
Interferential  stimulator Therapy,
Wax Bath,
Neuro muscular stimulator
Exercise material like parallel bar, shoulder wheel, beycycle and others.
Moist heat therapy unit
Chamundi Deluxe dental Chair
Chanundi SLEEK electrically operated Multi programme dental Chair
Mookambika Basic Dental Chair with motorized suction
Ultraviolet Cabinets
ORIX [ITALY] dental X-ray
Auto loading Amalgamator
Heavy-duty Hand piece
Dental X-ray unit 70kv
Radiovisiograp [USA]
Water distiller [Liarre Italy]
RVG and Micro cam unit
Drage : Baby log 8000+ Neonatal ventilators
Bear Cub : 750 SI   Neonatal  ventilator
Trans : Trans vital NIBP Monitor
B.Brun : COMPACT –S syringe pumps
B.Brun : Infusomat –P  Infusion pumps
Nelcor : Pulseoximeter  and Indigenous pulse oximeter
Lectromedic :
Infant Baby care warmer
Double surface Phototherapy units
All Round Phototherapy units
Tripal display radiant warmer
Zeal : Infant  Radiant warmer with under surface Phototherapy
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