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Radiation Oncology
This department caters to the population not only of Bangalore but also from other parts of State and neighboring Districts of other state, for all its Radiotherapy needs and medical Oncology management. The department is set – up as per the guidelines of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay and is fully equipped and self-contained for all possible diagnostic and therapeutic facilities for cancer.

The department is headed by Dr.M.Udaya Kumar Maiya, MBBS, MD, DCCF, DNB, Radiation Oncologist. The department has a full team of necessary personnel for its optimum functioning. In addition, there are two visiting radiation oncologists who look after their patients and utilize our facilities. As per Bhabha Atomic Research Centre regulations, we have a Medical Physicist, a Radiological Safety Officer and a radiation technician.
The Radiotherapy department is equipped with :
Fully rotational, isocentric Tele Cobalt 60 Theratron 780 C machine (source strength of the Co 60 = 9000 Ci) with all the necessary accessories - Wedge filters, Breast cone, Head rest, Neck rest, Beam shaping lead block kit, etc.
Manual after loading Brachytherapy system for gynaecological cancers. Manufactured and supplied by Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. The department has two sets of applicators and the required number of Cs -137 Radioactive sources {75 to 115 mCi per tube}
Radiation measuring, monitoring and safety devices namely:
Secondary standard Dosimeter
Wide range radiation survey meter
Low range radiation survey meter
Beta-Gamma exposure rate meter
Contamination monitor
Lead bench
Lead protective barriers etc.
Various instruments for clinical examinations namely, ENT set, Gynaecology set and various minor OT instruments

The department layout consists of the Teletherapy Cobalt 60 treatment room, with adjacent control console chamber, medical physicist room, Brachytherapy cold and hot room, Radiotherapist's Consultation chamber, minor OT/examination room, source storage room and record room.

The department handles about 400 to 500 new cases each year for external radiotherapy treatments. We have delivered State-of-the-art therapies for various subsides of malignancy starting from simple AP/PA portals to advanced treatment plans like rotational, arc and magna field therapies.
The following is the statistics of various sites treated:
Head and Neck
Gynaecology Cancer
Genito urinary cancer
Colo – rectal cancer
Soft tissue / bone sarcoma
Intra abdominal tumous
Skin cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Metastatic disease
In addition to Radiotherapy treatment for our patients. We also extend medical oncology facilities. Especially to those who are on concomitant radiotherapy - chemotherapy protocols. We utilise the vast bed strength of our hospital besides experienced staff, well-equipped laboratory, ICU etc. for delivering the same.
The department is equipped with a computer to document and store patient's history / treatment / follow-up details for accurate documentation and presentation of oncology statistics. This greatly helps us in exchanging oncology information with fellow institutions.
Oncology is a multi-disciplinary speciality and patients are viewed in this approach at our hospital. We have not only full oncology therapies available, but also general medical, surgical back up for all possible contingencies, which our patients may encounter.
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