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General surgery
The Surgery Team:

Dr. M.N.Subramanya, MBBS, MS
Dr.K.R.Srimurthy MBBS, FRCS
Dr.Eswaran Subramanian MBBS, MS, FRCS(Glasgow), FRCS(EDINBURG)
Dr.K.A.Shivramaiah MBBS, MS
Dr.Arjun Sampath Kumar MBBS, MS
Dr.Santosh MBBS, DNB(Gen.Surg)
Dr. M.N.Subramanya
Chief Surgeon and Former Chairman
The Bangalore Hospital

From simple surgeries to the most complicated surgeries are being done on routine basis.

The surgical team is assisted by a team of Anesthetists headed by Dr.A.Sreenivasa Babu, M.D. not only during surgery but also in the post operative care of the patients. There is a well-equipped postoperative care unit, which is no less than a step down ICU to take care of the patients post operatively.

The department is backed up by ICU, Post Operative Ward, Laboratory and Radiology departments and other super specialty departments.

The Department has been recognized by the National Board of Examinations for training post graduates in SURGERY [DNB IN GENERAL SURGERY].

The hospital has four major operation theatres, two minor operation theatre and one C Arm. The theatre Suite has been constructed after paying special attention to the needs of the surgical team working with us, providing cool and filtered air, illumination and central supply of gases. The equipments are a blend of Indian and imported ones, the latter based on the need for sophistication. A fully equipped Central Sterilization Section with Autoclaving machinery is located near the theatre complex to cater to the sterile things for operations.

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General & Minimal Invasive surgery

The Bangalore Hospital 24/7 services of General & Minimal Invasive surgery department deals with all common surgeries which are now being done with small openings (keyhole

Laproscopic Surgeon:

Dr.K.R.Srimurthy MBBS, FRCS
Laparoscopic surgery has come into prominence with the availability of latest generation Laparoscopic Equipments with video camera attachments. Newer operative procedures are being performed with the help of Laparoscopic Equipment. Example, Splenectomy, Adrenalectomy, Colectomy, Partial Gastrectomy, Hysterectomy, Hernia repair. Laparoscopic Surgery is minimal invasive, safe in majority of cases and conducted only under general anesthesia. Although the new technique may appear to be expensive, the extra cost incurred is counter balanced by savings on duration of hospital stay, less number of loss of working days, less medication and least operative scars.

Commonly performed Laparoscopic procedures are

Repair of Hernia, Ovarian cysts
Release of adhesions
Liver biopsy
Perforation of ulcer
Meckels diverticulum, Colectomy
Rectal prolapse, AP resection.
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