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Nephrology Department
The department was established By Dr.N.C.Talwakar (the first Nephrologist) in the middle of 1993. The Dialysis program was started in May 1993. The Nephrology Department provides comprehensive health care for patients with different types of renal (kidney) diseases.

Team of Nephrologist:

Dr.K.S.Ramprasad, MBBS, MD, DNB
Dr.C.Aravind, MBBS, DNB (Gen.Med) D.Nephro (London)
Dr.Rajanna Sreedhara, MD, FACP

Services Provided

Hypertension Management
CKD Patient Management and Education
Kidney Biopsy
Peritoneal dialysis
Pre/Post Kidney Transplant–Live related and cadaver
This hospital has been recognized for cadaver organ retrieval and transplantation.
About the Department:

The Department is well equipped with 8 haemodialysis machines, cardiac monitor. Senior technicians, 4 dialysis nurses and 2 Junior technicians. About 500 dialysis are being done per month. Facilities include standard haemodialysis, Bicarbonate HO, CAVH, CAVHD, haemo perfusion, etc., peritoneal dialysis is routinely being done and CAPD program is also being done.

Clinical nephrological work consists of management of various types of Glomerular nephritis diseases, Acute Renal failure cases, and other related renal problems. Renal biopsies are routinely done.

A D M PLANT [Demineralization Plant] has been installed to provide sterile water for Dialysis Machines.

Live Related Renal Transplant program was initiated by the Nephrology and Urology group in November 1993. Since then, more than 200 renal transplants have been done. The department has an active training program for the dialysis staff and participates in various academic activities and research work.

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