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Speech therapy And Audiometry
The Hospital has a full-fledged speech therapy department with soundproof chambers and Audiometry facilities. Ms. Roopa Ethiraj is the well qualified and experienced Speech Therapist and Audiologist in the Hospital. The following cases are effectively treated in the department:

Corrected cleft lip and palate patients.
Delayed speech.
Mentally retarded children.
Voice problems such as hoarse voice, Puberphonia.
Incorrect pronunciation of word.
Aphasia in elderly after stroke.
Ms. Roopa Ethiraj
Audiometry facilities are available for:
Children with hearing loss-1. Due to Congenital, 2- Due to ear discharge.
Screening for normal hearing.
Noise induced hearing loss.
Hearing loss in elderly persons.
Infant screening.
Pre-employment screening.
Counseling for hearing aid, its trial and fitting are provided.
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