Operation Theatre
The OT complex on the 5th floor of this hospital consists of four major OTs, one minor OT and an exclusive C – Arm OT fully equipped to run simultaneously and independently, supported by a post operative / recovery room.


Tiltable tables, Boyle’s apparatus with Flutec Vaporisers, ECG machine (life scope 6), capnograph, oximeter, nerve stimulator, defibrillators, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, ohmeda ventilators, fibre optic bronchoscope, fibre optic laryngoscope, portable ventilator, paediatric ventilator, oxygen sensor with alarm, life scope 12 and all the essential drugs and disposable, central gas supply (O2 and N2o) central compressed air, central vacuum suction, heart lung machine, portable x-ray and image intensifier, IABP etc,


All types of major and minor surgical procedures and emergency operations are conducted, which includes all the disciplines including Cardio-thoracic & Neuro Surgery and micro-vascular & Transplant (Renal) Surgery. The theatres are well equipped to handle any type of emergency surgical procedure, backed by in-house blood bank storage Centre and laboratory. Cosmetic surgery and advanced surgical procedures like total knee replacement are being done here.
Experienced and trained staff nurses are placed to handle OT, for all the routine and emergency surgical procedures and for all type of procedures Floor sisters and nursing aids back scrub sisters Orientation classes are routinely taken for the Nursing Aids and all are trained as anaesthetic assistants also.
Strict Asepsis is maintained in OT's. Instruments are autoclaved in OT and backed-up by C.S.S.D.
Culture swabs are taken weekly from all the OT's
All the OT's are fumigated once a week or earlier if infected cases are operated
Cases are never postponed except when the patient is not willing to give the consent
OT's are well supported by maintenance department and back-up electrical supply from automatic switchover generators
No one can deny the fact that our OT's are best at par with the modern day set-up
We have a six-bed casualty department, which caters to not only medical cases but also to accident and trauma cases 24 hours of the day. The casualty department is also equipped with various life-saving equipments such as ventilators, pulse oximeters, Transport respirator, Defibrillator, ECG machines, Portable X-ray unit, Portable Ultra sound unit, Emergency Trolley, etc. We accept all medico-legal cases and services in that regard.
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