Department of Neurosurgery

Dr. N.B. Muralidhara, MBBS, MS, DNS(B), DNB heads the department. The department is fully equipped with special equipments and instruments required for Neurology Surgery. Radiology department including Spiral CT Scan and well equipped Physiotherapy department support it.

The commonly performed operations in the department are

Dr. N.B. Muralidhara
Head Trauma
Subdural Hematoma
Extradural Hematoma
Depressed Fracture of the skull
Brain Tumor-denigen & malignant
Intracerebral Hematoma
Truma injuries
Lumbar & Cervical disc prolapas
Bifide Myelocode
Meningo Myelocode
Complicated Surgery
Stereotactic surgery for mass lesions in the brain
Skull based tumors and other complicated tumors
Vascular Problems of Aneurysms Problems & AVM's
Complicated spinal Surgery like Spinal tumors & Spinel AVM's
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