Department of Psychiatry
Dr.Murali MBBS,
Clinical Psychologist
Dr. S.K. Jayaprakash
Miss. B.Vijayalakshmi

The department of Psychiatry provides mental services across all ages. The department is involved in providing psychiatric and psychological services to children, adolescents and adults. The department is headed by Dr.S.K.Jayaprakash consultant psychiatrist, a diplomat from the American Board in child, adolescents and adults psychiatry. The activities include outpatient, in-patient, psychiatric evaluations, psychological interventions and pharmacological interventions and occasionally if needed ECT. Apart from above active consultations, liaison services are provided to the medical, surgical patients with psychological problems. Alcohol under drug detoxification services is also available. The Consultant Psychiatrist is assisted by a Clinical Psychologist, Mrs.Jyothi
Out Patient facilities include:
Psychiatric evaluation of:
  Children with hyperactivity, attention problems, bed-wetting, behavior problems and learning disabilities
  Adolescents with depression, anxiety, academics, relationship issues and substance abuse
  Adults with anxiety, depression, psychosis, problems related to work, marriage and other inner personal issues
  o Geriatric patients with depression, anxiety, psychosis including evaluation of memory loss and evaluation and management of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias with behavioral problems
Evaluation and Management of sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction [impotence], premature ejaculation in male and female
Evaluation and management of alcohol, drug and other substance addiction [eg. Nicotine]
Evaluation and management of sleep disorders like Insomnia, excessive sleep, narcolepsy etc
Evaluation and management of psychosomatic problems
Psychological testing of IQ Testing, Varied psychological tests for mental health problems
Psychopharmacological treatments
Behavior therapy for problematic children including parent counseling
Alcohol and drug education
Relaxation training
Educational guidance
Referral to other facilities for residential placement, halfway home, special educational institutions wherever indicated.
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