The Bangalore Hospital has been established by Sushruta Medical Aid and Research Hospital Limited, a Company registered in the State of Karnataka, India.

The Bangalore Hospital is a premier 180 bed hi tech multi speciality hospital in the corporate sector. It is wholly a doctors project. As many as 44 medical consultants and specialists trained both in India and abroad, mainly in USA and UK joined together to establish this hospital which is a land mark in salubrious Bangalore variedly known as “Garden City of India”, “Silicon Valley of India”, “IT Capital", “Medical Hub” etc. The Bangalore Hospital started functioning way back in 1991 as the first major super speciality hospital in Bangalore with most of the specialties under one roof - a concept which became popular since then. The hospital is in the third decade of its quality service.

It renders services in almost all faculties of medicine and surgery including super Specialties such as Cardiology, Cardio Thoracic surgery, Neurology, Neuro Surgery, Nephrology and Renal Transplantation, Gastroenterology, Radiotherapy, etc under one roof. It has the most advanced and sophisticated diagnostic facilities.

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