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Dr.M.Udaya Kumar Maiya MD.DNB [RT] DCCF [PARIS] is the Head of the Department of Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Cancer is a purposeless, progressive and unregulated growth of a group of cells without respect for borders. It is not a contagious disease but spreads in the body through the blood stream, the lymph stream and directly to the surrounding regions or organs. As it grows rapidly and has a fatal termination if untreated, it is best detected early by regular check-up and treated radically for cure. Life style has a bearing on its development and a large percentage of all cancers are preventable and curable.
Early Cancer Detection programme:

The screening programme for cancer detection involves complete physical examination including ear, nose, mouth, throat, and external genitalia, gynecological and rectal examination. In addition, investigation like a chest X-ray, blood|urine tests, ultrasound of the abdomen and pelvis and mammography are done. If a suspicion of cancer is present, optional tests like endoscopy, barium studies, fine needle aspiration cytology [FNAC] biopsy, tumor marker assay are all done in this Hospital.

Treatment of Cancer:
The department of Oncology at the Hospital provides comprehensive facilities for treatment of Cancer which include Surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, including hormone and immuno-therapy.
External Radiotherapy:
The department is equipped with COBALT- 60 THERATRON 780 C TLELTHRAPY Machine. This machine delivers gamma radiation to malignant tissues effectively and facilitates good tumor control.
The department has both INTERSTITIAL AND Intra Cavitary Brachytherapy facilities. Using Iridium 192 wires, interstitial brachytherapy is delivered to tumors in early stages, and as an addition to external radiotherapy in other tumors. INTRACAVITARY BRACHYTHRAPY is employed in gynecological Cancers using Cesium 137 isotope in an after loading manner.
Treatment of cancers by administration of anti-cancer drugs into the body is effectively and efficiently done at our Hospital under expert guidance for those cancers, which have a high clinical probability of spread beyond its origin.
ICU facilities and multi-speciality medical and surgical team under one-roof gives the Oncology department excellent back-up facility to deliver state of art therapy. Surgical facilities from biopsies to radical excision procedures including reconstruction are available at one place. The department is backed up by fully automated Pathology laboratory.
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